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‘Pokemon GO’ FAQ: Guide For Gym Battles, Pokemon Duels & More; ‘Pokemon GO’ Gameplay Explained [UPDATE & VIDEO]


"Pokemon GO" FAQ has answered your starter queries in our previous article. Now, we will try to answer questions about Gym Battles, Pokemon VS Pokemon and more with the help of our friends from Polygon.

Just in case you have not caught up with the first article, you may go through this link first or later - Pokemon GO FAQ. We left off with the [PokeStop] which by any chance, you may click through it to for back reading.

Are there Gym Battles in "Pokemon GO"?

Yes. There are Gym Battle included in "Pokemon GO". But battling is one of its major changes departing from the Pokémon we got used to.

Where can I find the Gyms?

Gyms are scattered everywhere, just like PokeStops.

How can I participate in Gym Battles?

"Pokemon GO" trainers must be at least level five in order to fight other trainers. These battles, however, are one-on-one against another trainer's team. Each Pokémon has a combat power that varies and can be increased via items. Battles are won by trainer who has the greater combat power. Attacks are done by tapping a monster and swiping to counter enemies' moves.

Can I have a duel with my friend's Pokemon?

No. You cannot because the only battle type currently available in "Pokemon GO" is gym battles.

How can I make my Pokemon stronger?

Strengthening your Pokemon will take time. You may purchase various power-up items to increase your Pokémon's combat power. Meanwhile, Pokemon evolution requires the use of specialized items. Experience can be gained by fighting wild Pokémon. This is also the way to increase the trainer's personal level too.

Is Pokemon trading applicable?

It is currently not offered but trainers can transfer a Pokémon to Professor Willow, but that is the simply releasing it back into the wild.

This is the first "Pokemon GO" gameplay trailer:

Aside from Gym Battles and Pokemon-catching, are there other incentives obtainable?

Trainers can earn medals for completing certain achievements, like catching a number of Pokémon of a certain type or for simply walking a set distance. Additionally, there is also the chance to run your own gym or take part in another player's team. Since "Pokemon GO" is a social experiment, UniversityHerald reported.

How much battery does "Pokemon GO" consume?

In Polygon's experience, "Pokemon GO" is not a major battery hog. But some reports say that it kills their phone off more probably because you need to have your screen on the whole time that the app is running. "Pokemon GO" fansite already has uncovered its own set of battery saving tips.

How much data does "Pokemon GO" eat up?

It is tough to conclude whether it is a data hog or not since you need a stable online connection constantly to access the game with your GPS signal on.

You may download "Pokemon GO" for Android, iOS and the APK versions from here.

That is all we have for now. If you have other queries, do write it down at the comment box below so that we can address it if possible. By the way, we would like to acknowledge Polygon for the write up. For now, you may watch the 45-minute demo extracted from the E3 event.

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