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Facebook’s Statement On Social Media Violence Reviewed: A Lesson For All?


Following the Philando Castile Shooting that viraled in Facebook last July 6, 2016, Facebook reviews its statement on streamline policies in black and white! Mindful of the surfacing issues, Facebook draws the line that separates admissible from inadmissible violent live content, hoping to set a lesson for all social networks.

Undeniably, the violent yet heavily informative live coverage of the shooting scene in Minnesota was enough to garner mixed reactions from citizens, PC Mag reported.  

Unbeknownst to the community users, Facebook had already taken into its initiative to reread its policies concerning the admission of violent and disturbing materials.

Standing self-aware over the preceding temporary removal of the said video, Facebook notifies by saying "We're very sorry that the video was temporarily inaccessible. It was down due to a technical glitch, and restored as soon as we were able to investigate. We can confirm it was streaming live on Facebook. A couple hours after, it was down for about an hour. The video doesn't violate standards but we marked it as disturbing with a warning", The Next Web reported.  

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his desire to review the social media action days after voicing his concern over the bereaved family.

It was of course indicative of his action that he intends to make the reviewed policy a standard for the rest of the social networks.

The video was dubbed to be utterly disturbing, violent and unsettling for most viewers.

Thereunto, it was said to bring about dozens of issues the country is currently at odds with- political, racial, social, moral, etc.

Appearing firstly in Facebook, the video did not take long to appear next in Twitter and then in YouTube, The Huffington Post reported.  

This has been the very reason that Facebook initiated a recall in its policies.

Transpiring from the network's clear-cut statement in TechCrunch is a well-delivered summation of social network policies that speak not only for Facebook, but for the whole social media domain as well.

Fortunately, Facebook was deemed succesful in distinguishing a video that is violent for violence's sake from a video that is violent for the purpose of awareness, PC Mag again reported.

Perhaps, it may even have indirectly conveyed a lesson for all. 

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