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What Makes YouTube Clip Trending?: Check Out Top ‘Got Talent’ Clip! [VIDEO]


Getting past over June, USA Today partners with YouTube in presenting audiences a brochure of quick YouTube clip samples that eventually sizzled the whole month!

This is eventually a win-win trip for YouTube users since the clips could serve as points for study on how to make quite a noise in the social media, or YouTube for that matter.

Meanwhile, there is a more substantial thing to YouTube than what most users see in it.

A platform such as this proves to be a most powerful tool for storytelling.

Thus, besides being a multi-media domain, YouTube engages with communities such that in an instant, it can already drive in or out a whole diversity of viewers, Maryam Mossavar of the Guardian stated.

A high potential for social media marketing is genetic in YouTube, alongside entertainment, communication and education.

Thus, it requires the utmost of responsibility among users towards video posting and sharing.

Perhaps these entertainment clips could help. Here is the list.

1.       "America's Got Talent": Tap Face

The performance has everything one is not expecting of. It simply is too good to be true for the 30.6 million viewers. Watch the clip here.

2.       "Late Late Show": Selena Gomez Carpool Karaoke

The secret to this is comedy. Besides carpooling an already famous Selena Gomez and funny James Corden, the whole shebang was astoundingly hilarious, one comment from the YouTube clip exclaimed. The video stood out with a rewarding 29.1 million views.

3.       Beyonce: "Sorry" Video

The video itself speaks it all. With 27.6 million views, the music video, not missing Beyonce's unusual charm in it, clearly stands along the pantheon of classics, USA Today again reported.

4. Twenty One Pilots: "Heathens"

The video does not take more than one factor to get attention. The film-band team-up exceeds even the standards of the song to 19.8 million views. Watch the clip here.

5. Epic Rap Battles of History: James Bond vs. Austin Powers

What most strongly factored the victory of this video is comedy, entertaining rapping skills sustained by the ERB since then, and the popularity of the characters of James Bond and Austin Powers. The two contrasting characters bore the chemistry 10.1 million viewers were exactly looking for. Watch the clip here.

6. "Tonight Show": President Obama Slow-jams the News

Without a doubt, the biggest popular factor for this is Pres. Obama himself. The clip  earned a total of 9.6. million views.

7. "Game of Thrones": Season 6

Now here is what fans refer to as the calm before the "boom", USA Today reported. The video earned 8 million views. Watch it here.

8. "Legend of Zelda" E3 Trailer

Among June's E3 electronic convention, the Legend of Zelda game trailer has hit it with 7.4 million views. The game's already large community of fans contributed much to the video's rise to fame. Watch the clip here.

9. Honest Trailer; "Zootopia"

Disney's Zootopia has it all and the fans are ready to bite whatever social media throws into the table. It earned 3.9 million views.

10. Film Theory: Is Dory a Liar?

Hinting controversy at hand, the video mainly pairs with the popularity of the film. The clip earned 3.3. million views.

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