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Will Cersei Hold Iron Throne For Long?: Hear Latest ‘GOT’ 7 Theories! [VIDEO]


In a chat with EW, Lena Headey, the beautiful yet strong-featured actress playing Cersei, casually speculates that Cersei's hold to the Iron Throne may have been getting weaker by the moment! This immediately causes a thick trickle of theories on "Game of Thrones" Season 7 to flow from the cracks.

Nothing had prepared fans on the magnanimity of Cersei's revenge in Season 6.

Now that Season 7 is drawing near, most fans reinforce sanity by hunting for concrete estimations on both sides of Cersei's coin (a head or a tail), Daenerys' potential power to the Iron Throne, Jon Snow's upcoming challenges as King of the North and even the quite flimsy Cersei/Tyrion short reunion, the Independent reported.

Actress Lena Headey voices her opinion about the imminent fall of Cersei, torching fans' desire to speculate even more by closing the issue with "It's a moment of punctuation in the madness!", the Independent again reported.

It is very evident by the tone of her voice that actress Lena Headey may have some inkling on possible events to unfold in the upcoming seventh season.

At best, 'GOT' analysts see the reference of the "punctuation" in Headey's statement as figurative shift on Cersei's persona.

Strong theories are then altogether careening into a very plausible outcome: Cersei may not have to die physically, now that her former intimate twin Jaime is beginning to despise her immorality, the Daily Beast  reported.

Looking at it in a philosophical lens, the brewing outcome of Jaime, Cersei's strong sole pillar, abandoning her in her most vulnerable can be a sufficient fulfillment of such predicted demise.

On the other hand, having delved deeper into Cersei's ocean of realities, some anti-Cersei analysts in turn, confidently urge viewers to go over back to Maggy's prophecies in Season 5, see them unfold slowly in Season 6 and have them digested in the season's concluding moments, the Tech Insider reported.

The analysts/theorists are even challenging the viewers to be quick and nimble to see the signs and connect them altogether.

Hence, in the confusion, audiences ought to know that just because the prophecies on the death of Cersei's 3 children had all been fulfilled does not really mean that she may not actually have to physically die by Jaime's sword, the Daily Beast  again reported.

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