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Verizon's Latest Cellphone Upgrade: Safety Mode Is All-New App?


The latest upgrade of the Verizon cellphone products may price higher than usual but with optimum data space included! Ultimately, its newly-added "Safety Mode" program is now given a major treatment to an app.

The Verizon brand has just updated users today that they will be increasing the rate of their brand new models, the Washington Post reported.  

Confirmed information reveals that more data space has been upgraded in line with consumers' monthly budget.

As per financial tally, this particular upgraded feature in the models allows consumers to save as much from their month's pocket.

For a plan offer, this had been claimed to be the most practical for student users, Channel Partners reported.  

While the usual workings of a data plan is to cost consumers for each data used, the new offer by the latest Verizon cell phones allows consumers to enjoy the unused data from the previous month in the preceding month, the Washington Post again reported.

Also part of the upgraded feature is the "Safety Mode" which fervently notifies consumer/user and automatically cancels the data operation after a month's use.

Personally, the Verizon brand intended this to prevent the consumer/user from exceeding the data limit use.

As confirmed by Verizon itself, the Safety Mode is now redressed into an app. This is to make sure that the inter-phase monitoring of the data plan service is hyped up, PC Mag reported.  

Another surprise feature by the Verizon upgrade is the direct wireless control.

As Diego Scotti, Verizon's chief marketing officer, would put it, the user can actually control everything in one's life with the latest Verizon models, Channel Partners again reported.  

Apparently, the direct wireless control can be great advantage for students, especially those whose noses are set on research, Doverpost reported.  

Alongside the upgraded cost-directed features, the data of the Verizon space, particularly in iPhone and Samsung, speeds up to a glittering 128kbps. Obviously, such rate with only $5 as additional is nothing compared to even more costly rates of the T-mobile systems whatsoever.

As users would sum it, a little bit of additional cost for such massive feature upgrades does not hurt a fly at all. And with the Safety Mode program best into an app, a fly should even be happy!

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