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Jul 09, 2016 11:12 AM EDT

FED Warns Symantec, Norton Antivirus Products Might Allow Hackers Hijack Your Computers


US Department of Homeland Security warns of serious defects that could pose great risks from Symantec and Norton antivirus products. Most of these products are used throughout government and industries containing numerous vulnerabilities.  Outside manipulation of these vulnerabilities might allow a distant attacker to assume control of an affected system.

This is a widespread issue among industrial advancement and industries. Industry tracker OPSWAT released date showing Symantec as the fifth most popular antivirus and anti-malware software which operates on millions of PCs all around the globe. It is supposed to protect corporate and government computers worldwide but now, its blemishes could pose terrible consequence.

Since Symantec has been labeled as top security product, it penetrated wide admission to people's computers. But its presence, having revealed its flaws, could trigger exploitation and weakness. Its presence on computers imply providing Symantec access to the internal control of your computer, TechTimes wrote.

Federal alerted that Symantic's presence could ease the success of virus spread throughout an entire network of computers. Through a simple email with an infected file on a computer or access link to an infected site could bring the whole system of computers at risk.

Tavis Ormandy, the behind the discovery of these flaws and a security researcher part of Google's Project Zero, said that these vulnerabilities are extremely worse because it allows a hacker to easily compromise an entire initiative fleet.

Other antivirus and anti-malware products would not allow that happen, CNN said.

The security researcher issued warning to Symantec regarding the issues last April. Last week, the company finally issued some patches. However, the flaws remains to be seen on how rapidly government offices, industries, companies and private individuals could be able to update each PC under their networks, TechTimes added.

Grave flaws in cyber security software could have awful implications, which could leave millions of machines susceptible to attacks. Ironically, these software and anti-virus securities which are supposed to protect your computer is sadly making it at risk to external exploitations.

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