‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Update: 5 New Gameplay Features Not Seen In The Trailer; Plus Professor Kukui With His Rockruff [VIDEO]


"Pokemon Sun And Moon" has something in store for fans not showcased in its latest trailers. These were the 5 new special abilities, namely:

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1.       Dazzling

Dazzling goes to the new psychic/water Pokemon. This ability does not let priority moves go first. This is an effective counter move when you are locked up against Pokemon with Quick Attack.

2.       Berserk

The new dragon type Pokemon Drampa has quickly become the fan favorite in "Pokemon Sun And Moon". But that was not Drampa is made off, it is equipped with the Berserk ability that increases its Special Attack stat by 1 whenever its HP drops to 50 percent, TheBitBag wrote. Berserk is a special quality specifically to players who target the Pokemon League.

3.       Electric Surge

Electric Surge is Tapu Koko new ability especially attributed to electric/fairy type Pokemon. This is a contender for those who fancy electric type Pokemon. Electric Surge intensifies the damage of all electric-based offenses like Thunderbolt and also prevents Pokemon drowsiness.

4.        Battery

Battery is especially designed for Charjabug. It has a very simple function which is to empower the party. Although this ability does not have much function in regular battles, it is best for group fights. Having the battery ability, Charjabug's other abilities will be interesting to see.

5.       Comatose

Lastly, the charming Komala's comatose ability. The ability puts the Komala in a perpetual drowsy stat. However, it prevents the Pokemon from paralysis or poison attacks.

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Professor Kukui and Rockruff

A "Pokemon Sun And Moon" episode Pokénchi clip shows Professor Kukui joined by his Pokemon Rockruff. Rockruff was revealed to be a friendly Rock-type puppy Pokémon tagged a strong sense of smell to boot, Siliconera wrote. Watch it below:

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