‘Overwatch’ Update: Blizzard Teases Its First Post-Release Hero; Checkout Quick Primer To Exciting Revelations Up For ‘Overwatch’ Gameplay [SPOILERS]


"Overwatch" confidential file has been leaked online via Twitter. Obviously, the game developer Blizzard is trying to tease a new character to be the first post-game inclusion since its release. Know more about the "Overwatch" spoiler tweeted last July 7 under labeled File 00231 and classified as confidential.

So let us have a quick breakdown of the implications of this "Overwatch" teaser and what it could mean for the game:

  • The notes visible on the image were attributed to Torbjorn Lindholm and Angela Ziegler, GamesNRadar wrote. Despite the assurances from Torbjorn, Mercu is anxious "Prototype Biotic Rifle" corrupting her healing technology to mete out injury. Obviously, Mercy's point is certainly right. Could this mean that she is about to have anew rival?
  • Both of Mercy's Caduceus Staff and Soldier: The rifle design elements may hold similarities with 76's Biotic Field emitter. Mercy's staff does not only boost their damage, it also discharges a continuous healing toward a single target. Meanwhile, 76's field emitter heals each team member inside a small radius within a short time. Could the rifle combine both to shoot healing aura to allies form a fare distance?
  • As seen on the header, this memo was addressed to Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison, who are known as Soldier: Reaper and 76 respectively. If a proposed theory is true that this memo has been sent years back, where could the rifle been laid?
  • Brazilian "Overwatch" account tweeted the spoiler, Polygon wrote, reveals one more element: A. Amari is one of the memo's recipients. So, the only recognized character fitting for that name is Ana Amari, Fareeha "Pharah" Amari's mother. Note that Ana was one of the founding members of "Overwatch" who had been mysteriously gone out from the game. Additionally, Ana Amari is rumored to be the game's first post-release character for months since she wields a sniper rifle in the game's official art.
  • In one of Reaper's voice lines on the Dorado map, he mentioned working with Sombra and a few other interaction with characters discovered in in-game art.

By means of "Overwatch" Competitive Play across all platforms, Blizzard can move forward to making free new heroes, mode and maps, GamesNRadar wrote. It may just take a few times off before the proper introduction of the biotic rifle's real owner. For now, share us what you pick up about the latest "Overwatch" teaser? Could it get revealed right away? Share your thoughts at the comment section below.

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