University Degree Package: Brain Tumor inclusive?


Various social media and university institutions are becoming edgy because of the latest findings in Karolinksa Institute and University College London.  

The findings reveal that there is higher risk for female than male university graduates in developing Glioma. Glioma is a form of malignant tumor that grows specifically in the glial areas in the brain.

This malignant tumor is hell bent on attacking the nervous system.  

Consequently, diseases like cancer and tumors are commonly linked to extremely stressful lifestyle.

By the present hectic nature of college lifestyle, it is nearly impossible not to point it as the main culprit for such diseases, the Independent reported.

From the research simultaneously conducted in University College London and Karolinska Institute in India, far-knitted comparisons were made for both the male and female through a range from 19% to 23%.

These figures were concluded to represent the chances of both sexes in developing glioma.

The study was considered to be in the priority list such that it was immediately published in the "Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health".

Accordingly, the 19% chance is indicative among males while the 23% chance is among the females, DNA India reported.  

What resulted from this unsettling discovery is a long line of socio-economic analysts pouring in their wits for possible alternatives on safer and less-stressful forms of academic and career pursuance in the future.

However, particular university officials in the U.S. were swift to make claims saying they are confident enough to address such issue should its mortality rates arise.

Nevertheless, there is much less to worry about the university management in the country since most of its education standards have shifted to likely organic, stress-free and health-oriented academic rearing for the students, Science Daily reported.  

Moreover, universities and industries all over the world are calling out for a global monitoring of the student populace's health.

As a result, the study was moved to extension and refunding for more preventive measures, alternatives and wholesome academic-advancing solutions. After all, the graduates are the best hope for a better world. 

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