Apple Pay Will be Use in Bank of America ATM Withdrawals

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Bank of America has started unveiling their support for withdrawing cash from their Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using Apple Pay.

In the San Francisco area, there are approximately 650 card-less ATMs were installed in May. And in early June, the technology stretched out to 2,400 ATMs, which includes eleven in the Raleigh-Durham region, Mac Rumors reported.

A Reddit user located in Redondo Beach, California, spotted the new ability of the multinational banking and financial services corporation - Bank of America. The Reddit user photographed an ATM that featured a Near-field communication (NFC) reader positioned to the left of the card reader, 9 to 5 Mac reported.

When a person placed their smartphone on the NFC logo, that person is instructed to enter their PIN number, after which, a typical withdrawal screen will appear. However, the option to deposit funds is disabled.

Bank of America is said to be giving prominence to the new feature on supported ATMs, but customers should be aware that the Apple Pay option currently works only with Bank of America issued ATM cards. And not all NFC-equipped ATMs can make effective use of Apple Pay at the present.

Bank of America website launched a detailed process of withdrawing cash from ATMs using Apple Pay. The website notes that Apple Pay is currently supporting "Consumer Debit Cards, US Trust Debit Cards, Small Business Debit Cards (card owner only).

By the end of 2015, Bank of America tries to be more extensive by installing 5,000 ATMs nationwide - the banking company made it known this year at Google I/O, Macworld reported.

However, back in January, reports came up regarding the collaboration of Bank of America and Wells Fargo on implementing Apple Pay into their ATMs. Bank of America was said to roll out more than 16,000 ATMs by mid-2016, but the financial services company Wells Fargo gave no timeline regarding the implementation.

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