'Obesity Trend' Today Could Cause 7 Million more Serious Health Problems by 2035: How to Deal with It? [INFOGRAPHICS]


Obesity is almost like a trend today; it causes other diseases like diabetes and heart-related problems. Without serious actions, obesity could cause 7 million more health problems by 2035.

Obesity, which becomes a health crisis in UK is said to cause 7.6 million of health problems in 2035. Obesity Health Alliance explained that obese people can actually avoid type 2 diabetes when they put effort on healthier lifestyle. The research also found that there will be 40 millions UK adults having extra weight by 2035, Huffington Post reported.

Alison Cox from Cancer Research UK commented on obesity trend by stating that without the efforts by government and the public, in two decades, next generation will likely to live a shorter lives because of serious obesity-related health problems such as cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Obesity trend and the effort in dealing with childhood obesity

According to researchers, television ads on junk foods should have a time frame and online marketing rules have to have some restrictions. Food and beverage industry should also reduce the sugar in their products.

The UK's Obesity Health Alliance is working towards the awareness on childhood obesity. The alliance suggests government should take part in introducing and informing the public through TV ads, online marketing broadcast and many other ways so that obese people could reduce their fat and sugar intake, BT reported.

Currently, there are 30 organizations who have joined Obesity Health Alliance in UK and the Health department is working on setting up goals to fight childhood obesity and help obese people to tackle down food cravings.


Obesity trend and how obese people can shift to healthy lifestyle?

In response to the report by Obesity Health Alliance, the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy offers key advices to for the public. BANT Wellbeing Guidelines are explained using the infographics.

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