Android N Feature Updates: Specific Feature on Android N Messenger Direct Reply Improved!


Android N features are being reviewed and tested one by one. Google just made improvement on the Android N messenger direct reply.

The Android N Developer Preview has made it possible to upgrade messenger with many functionalities such as Direct Reply which most users are waiting. It is a specific Android N feature that is likely to make more people use it because of many reasons.

Android N messenger direct reply: the conversation view

The Android N feature update on messenger direct reply is that there is an option to expand notification tool so user can read recently sent messages and recently received ones. No more dismissed after sending your reply message. When you expand the notification, it has mini conversation but the notification is not removed from the shade, Phandroid reported

The fourth developer Android N Preview is now letting users to get more options for quick reply. When you pull down notification, it will show some of the messages from conversations with time stamps.

Android N messenger direct reply: no longer need to open the Messenger app!

Users who will use messenger app quite often, will benefit for the new Android N Messenger direct reply feature update because they do not have to open the app to reply messages! They can simply reply from the notification.

The newest Android N messenger direct reply update is shipped along with the Android N Developer Preview 4, Android Police reported.

Previously, some of the Android N messenger direct reply updates include the way notifications can be set up to meet user preferences. The Direct Reply features could not be simpler but Android N developer still has few months to make everything set and ready to be launched. Previous hints on Android N is Android Nutella comes from the senior VP Hiroshi Lockheimer who tweeted about testing stuffs and uploaded an image of Google search engine that contained the word "Nutella"

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