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E3 Conference Update, Game Revelations: Warner Bros. To Rockstar, Game Giant Revelations To E3 Conference [PART 1 OF 5]


Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and many will be unveiling what they have kept in store for every gamer of all genres in the upcoming E3 conference. Happening in a couple weeks, the big show will be like a hot pit for various opening and updates for games and consoles alike. So here is the Warner Bros. To Rockstar game updates, hints and revelations very player must watch our during the E3 conference. [PART 1 OF 5]


Rumors about Middle-earth: "Shadow of Mordor 2" release is expected while some fans think whether Rocksteady is finishing its Batman trilogy.


But that Vive out in a competitive market, we could now look forward to see more VR on the way this E3.


Both Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor have been quiet since 2015, could we now hear new about them? Meanwhile, Watch Dogssequel and maybe another revelation could be revealed by Ubisoft.


GungHo has put on a concert to market Grasshopper's action game "Let it Die" at E3, so we much lean our attention to what the publisher will be the focus of its publisher.


Amid the competition with Japanese shows and publications, Persona series' growing popularity in the West could trigger Atlusto bring its big gun for various new details regarding the upcoming Person 5.


"Battleborn" is now out.  This means that the company will make a bigger push for "Mafia 3" and "Civilization 6" at E#. Meanwhile many supporters hope for the Borderlands, something Gearbox has mentioned to be working on or a potential sequel to Evolve or maybe a glimpse at Ken Levine's experimental new game.


There was no big Rockstar appearance at E3 in many years, therefore we can expect less form them. But recent Take-Two exec commentaries hinted that Rockstar has something to announce soon. A rumor says there is a "Red Dead Redemption" sequel coming up. Will Rockstar possibly reveal it at E3?

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