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‘Tekken 7’ Release Date, Update: Bandai Namco Rep Allegedly Confirms ‘Tekken 7’ Release On Xbox One, PC [RUMORS]


Looking back at Bandai Namco's 2015 announcement, "Tekken 7" was confirmed to arrive and hit the game stands. The same announcement, however, left questions regarding other platforms like the PC and the Xbox One. Reports then said that the company had sent out a survey which designated whether the company might be considering a PC and Xbox One release.

Eventually after several suspicions and waiting, a new rumor broke out which seemed that the PC and Xbox One release have been "confirmed." This is according to a Twitter post of YellowMotion who claimed to have been at the MCM London Comic Con event where a chance meeting with a Bandai Namco representative apparently happened. He claimed that the rep told him that the game would be available on the Xbox One and the PC, Ubez Gizmo reported.

To add more proof to this matter, during EB Games event over the weekend, organizers displayed a pre-order box for "Tekken 7" on the Xbox One. The pre-order Xbox One version box hints another proof and a new exciting development to the rumor.  This further proves that the game will finally be out on other platforms, Attack of the Fanboy said.

These rumors about the "Tekken 7"'s release to a new platform gives PC and Xbox One gamers a sigh of relief knowing that the game would not be a PS4 exclusive. If this happens to be accurate, this could be a huge break after Street Fighter V being a PS4 exclusive for Xbox One gamers. By any chances, Xbox and PC alike should hope to get further confirmation at the upcoming E3 2016, Uber Gizmo added.

Hopefully, the home console versions of "Tekken 7" will be introducing all of the new stuff that is included in Fated Retribution. Characters from Fated Retribution are plenty and has an altered combat system versus the vanilla arcade version, Attack of the Fanboy said.

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