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Male Perm Trend: Jon Snow's Curls Becoming a Fad; Kit Harington's "Game of Thrones" Hair The New Craze?


Male perms are making a comeback and it seems it is Kit Harington's "Game of Thrones" Jon Snow character's fault. With millions of fans worldwide obsessed with the show and mainly whether Jon Snow is alive or dead, many men have asked to have his permed hairdo as well.

Jon Snow's Army of Wildlings and Permed Men?

There is apparently an influx of men asking for Jon Snow's hairdo in barbershops and salons in London and New York, Mashable reported. Men are actually paying large amounts of money to have their hair in tousled waves similar to the hair of Kit Harington's Jon Snow. It looks like the male perm isn't going away soon too. Many men are apparently getting their hair redone after having it permed.

Male Perm Taking Over the West

The tousled male perm look has always been a trend in Asia, but with Jon Snow and "Game of Thrones," it seems the West is catching up, Ask Men shared. Male perms allegedly indicate that having lots of hair is sexy. Furthermore, having it tousled and giving it the illusion of being uncared for, is even better.

Move Over Man Buns, Male Perms Are Here to Stay

Male perms aren't likely to go away until after HBO's "Game of Thrones" series is over. The producers of the show are so bent on Harington keeping his male permed do that his contract for the show clearly states that he cannot cut his hair, Harper's Bazaar noted. His fellow GOT actor, Richard Madden, also has male perm and he says that it is what made him a frequent cast in historical movies and dramas.

Are you a fan of Harington's Jon Snow look in the "Game of Thrones"? Will it be here to stay or will it just be like man buns, replaced by another fad? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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