Xbox One Hardware Upgrade News & Rumors: Microsoft Planning to Install Oculus Rift VR Headset?


Two new Xbox One hardware upgrades is planned to be released by Microsoft in the next couple of years. A smaller upgrade will be released this year while a bigger one will be out in 2017. Could the tech company be including the Oculus Rift VR headset?

Xbox One Rumored to Release Hardware Upgrade with Oculus Rift VR

An anonymous source told Kotaku that an upgraded Xbox One console slated to appear next year will have a stronger GPU version. Furthermore, the new rumored upgraded Xbox One coming this year will have a higher storage capacity at 2TB.

While Microsoft is in plans to collaborate with Oculus Rift, the upgrade has the possibility to support the VR system. At the E3 2016 convention next month, the giant tech company could reveal more details about the 2017 Xbox One and rumors say that it will be a smaller, compact machine unlike its predecessors. Microsoft and Oculus Rift did not respond on to whether they have reached an agreement for partnership as there is no official announcement yet.

New Gen Upgraded Xbox One Four Times More Powerful?

The same sources told Polygon that the new rumored Xbox One coming next year will be four times powerful than the original Xbox One and it will be named Scorpio. With the new upgrade, Microsoft is driven to outlast the competition with Sony and their upcoming PS4 Neo console.

Sony's new console is also hardware upgraded version of its current playing system. Like the rumored Scorpio, the NEO will also be capable of supporting 4K resolutions as well as be VR-ready.

Do you think Microsoft's plan for their Xbox One console will trump Sony and their PS4 Neo gaming system? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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