University of North Carolina Will Not Enforce Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill in Campus


A house bill passed in North Carolina inhibits transgenders from using bathrooms according to their preferred identity. The University of North Carolina system has announced via President Margaret Spellings that they will not enforce the discriminative bathroom bill in their campuses.

University of North Carolina System President Won't Enforce Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill

UNC President Margaret Spellings announced last week that the University of North Carolina will not be forcing transgender students to adhere to the federal bathroom bill, Associated Press reported. Spellings said she has no intention to contain the freedom of the university's transgender employees and students to choose which bathroom they want to use.

The House Bill 2 (HB2) was passed in North Carolina with the intention to protect discrimination among people from different races, religion and country of origin. However, HB2 removes the rights and protections of those belonging to the LGBT community, especially transgenders regarding using bathrooms. Furthermore, the bill also prevents local government units from protecting LGBT people from nondiscrimination as well.

University of North Carolina Policies Unchanged Since Passing of Bathroom Bill

Huffington Post pointed out that the University of North Carolina's school policies are unchanged since the passing of HB2 bill. Furthermore, the bill did not provide measures on how to enact the policies regarding transgenders using bathrooms according to their preference. Spellings' recent announcement contradicts with the guidance rules she passed around to University of North Carolina chancellors that seeks to comply with the HB2 bathroom bill.

The University of North Carolina is facing lawsuits regarding the HB2 for violating the rights of its transgender students and employees. The Human Rights Campaign spokesman Jay Brown told Washington Blade that he finds the university's stance on the HB2 agreeable but something more needs to be done in order for the bill to be repealed.

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