Problems of Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport

Dec 02, 2019 AM EST EU project OUTSPORT publishes its research findings and recommendations for action after a three-year project period

Conservatives File Lawsuit Against School For Transgender Student Sharing Locker Rooms

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT Faith-based conservative groups have filed a suit against Boyertown Area School District faculty over transgender student sharing locker rooms in school.

Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump's Retraction Of Transgender Bathroom Protections 'A Disaster'

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST Caitlyn Jenner has called out Trump for retracting the transgender bathroom protections in public schools.

Trump Administration Retracts Transgender Bathroom Protections In Public Schools

Feb 24, 2017 AM EST Concerns rise about the harm that this will do to transgender students.

LGBTQ Rights In 2016 For Education And Employment

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST There are major gains this 2016 for LGBTQ.

Oxford University Urges Students To Use 'Ze' In Place Of Traditional Pronouns

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST Oxford University has joined the gender neutrality cause.

Oxford University Students Will Use Gender Neutral Pronouns [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST A gender neutral pronoun “Ze” will be used instead of “He” or “She.”

Northern Colorado University Reacts To Bias Response Team Sanctions On Transgender, Gay Classroom Discussions

Jun 30, 2016 AM EDT Following the Northern Colorado University Bias Response Team policed speech on campus and in the classroom, the University spokesperson relayed his response through a local newspaper. According to ...

NYU President Andrew Hamilton Received A Message Threatening An Orlando-Style Attack On American Universities!

Jun 18, 2016 AM EDT After an interval of few minutes, another gay bay, Boxers NYC located on West 20th Street in Chelsea received a couple of similar phone calls. Homosexuals have recently received a lot of hatred.

Orlando Shooting News: US Colleges React To The Deadly Assault!

Jun 16, 2016 AM EDT When press reports hinting that two among the 50 victims of the weekend's fatal assault in an Orlando-based gay club were students surfaced online, it immediately sparked discussions in US ...

Columbia University Project Urges President Obama To Nullify The Bush Administration Memo!

Jun 06, 2016 AM EDT Targeting the Catholic Church and citing discrimination, a liberal academic group is urging the United States government to revoke federal protection from religious charities.

University of North Carolina Will Not Enforce Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill in Campus

May 30, 2016 AM EDT University of North Carolina System President Margaret Spellings announced that the university will not enforce the anti-transgender bathroom bill.

Planned Parenthood : Offers Sex Change To Transgenders? Mother's Day Tweet Angers Conservatives

May 09, 2016 AM EDT It is reported that Planned Parenthood is hoping to get more budget by planning to offer sex change services to transgender people.

MNSCU Travel Ban Lifted: College Sports Teams Can Now Join in Transgenderphobic NC Carolina Tournaments [VIDEO]

May 06, 2016 AM EDT A number of Minnesota college and university sports teams were previously banned from participating in tournaments hosted in North Carolina.

Colorado Christian University Not Supporting Transgender Behavior; Requests Religious Exemption From Department of Education [VIDEO]

May 05, 2016 AM EDT Colorado Christian University is one of the hundreds of faith-based institutions that have been requesting religious exemption from transgender discrimination.

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