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'X-Men' Movie Plot, Spoiler: Bryan Singer Talks 'X-Men/Deadpool' Crossover [VIDEO]


"X-Men" movie plot could someday feature an appearance of "Deadpool" Wade Wilson? Bryan Singer talks about the "X-Men/Deadpool" crossover.

"X-Men" director Bryan Singer commented on a question whether Wade Wilson has a chance to appear in a crossover movie "Deadpool/X-Men".

After the success of "X-Men Days of Future Past", Singer has learned that the Fox franchise could have a crossover but it has to be done correctly. Furthermore, the director describes "Deadpool" character as 'meta and irrelevant'. It is in contrast to "X-Men" where everything is serious and grounded. When the crossover in "X-Men" Universe happens, there must be a smooth addition and not to make a disaster. Albeit the complex thinking, Singer believes that there is plenty of room to do it, as reported by the Variety.

The movie "X-Men Apocalypse" will be released on May 27, it seems a long way to go for "Deadpool" position to fit in the biggest mutant movie. However, there could be a perfect zone for the Wilson to appear with X-Men Cable, the time traveler, in case "Deadpool/X-Men" does happen.

Singer also concerns about Wilson's snarky character especially in the R-rated movies like X-franchise. Perhaps, the "Wolverine 3" might also come into mind when trying to accommodate "Deadpool" in the realm. The 'mashup' might refresh the movie franchise on its cinematic.

Movie crossovers have been a trend these days. Some to notice are "Captain America: Civil War" that features young "Spiderman", Peter Parker. Or "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" that highlights internal conflict between the superheroes, which fans are quickly comparing Marvel vs DC movie.

Apart from the storyline, movie world might be more complicated behind the scene, Wall Street has learned. A good example to that is when Peter Parker appears in "Captain America: Civil War" that took a hard negotiation between Sony and Marvel Studios. Many critics have also been skeptical on the crossover in movies but so far, it has been well-accepted by the public.

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