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'Captain America Civil War': Deleted Scenes; Missing Characters, Post Credits Secrets? [VIDEO]


Marvel "Captain America: Civil War" deleted scenes and post credits might have plenty of room to talk about.

Captain America and Black Widow should have a fight scene but it was left out for good reason.

Being interviewed by Fandango, scriptwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus explained that they did write a 'major fight' but that fight did not make it to the movie premiere. Black Widow and Captain America were fighting but it was cut because of timing reason.

In the narrative, Cap and Black Widow already feel the tensions, which means the fight does not necessarily need to be portrayed. McFeely then concludes by saying that Cap got away in the moment. Of course, the fight between the fan-favorite superhero versus a spy that does not have a superpower could end up bad.

Another fact circles around Peter Parker's smartness. It is said that Spiderman's web shooter was removed to emphasize how smart he is. Plus, there were 70 suit designs being considered for the new "Spiderman" movie.

"Captain America: Civil War" post credits

"The Hulk" movie was supposed to have a 'post credit' appearance but then it was removed because of an inclusion in "Thor: Ragnarok". The Wasp was absent but she will have her own gig, in "Ant-Man and The Wasp" in the next two year

"Captain America: Civil War" missing characters

Pepper Potts and Nick Fury - both did not show up because both were cut at last minute. Fury is said to add 'a level of stability' to the team (who are going to fight against each other) if he shows up. Thus, being removed from "Civil War" was a 'good idea'.

"Civil War" earnings topped the box office after a leap in weekend up to 65 percent. Albeit lower than "The First Avenger" revenues on the second weekends, it is terrific given the buzz around other Marvel movies like "Black Panther" or "Spiderman", Forbes has learned.

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