'Pokemon Sun And Moon:' Undisclosed Pokemon Makes An Appearance In New Trailer [VIDEO]


A Reddit user named TheLagoon22 recently spotted that the Japanese official website for Pokemon include code that possibly divulge the typings of final evolutions to the starter Pokemon of "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

"Pokémon Sun and Moon," are the upcoming games in the Pokémon franchise.

According to records on iDigitalTimes, YouTuber named pdwinnall too discovered code within the Japanese Pokemon site where a few probable typings are disclosed for the evolution of the starters. However, there is no confirmation from The Pokemon Company as far as the evolution and their typings are concerned.

Immediately after Japanese magazine CoroCoro came out with a new trailer for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," a Twitter user by the name mattcavalcanti discovered the creature and without wasting any time, shared it on social media.

Conforming to the video, Japanese site of "Pokémon Sun and Moon" show fields that were blank in the code as pdwinnall investigated the resources. The first two fields comprise of the typing Grass and Flying, which basically relate to Rowlet's typing. Field 3 and field 6, on the other hand are left blank, while field 4 is Fire which refers to Litten's typing, reports IGN.

Field 5 is the Water typing, which is Popplio's typing.

As soon as pdwinnall changed the URL of the website, the typings which are simply PNG images and not actually text make an appearance. Pdwinnall further speculated that Litten will evolve as Fire/Ground type. Popplio on the other hand will become a Water/Fighting type. There is a possibility that this theory will alter, particularly because filed 3 is left blank, and it makes more sense that it refer to the primary typing of Litten. However, regular typings give the Starter Pokémon either Water, Fire or Grass as the primary typing.

This imply that Litten's evolution will gain the Ground typing as its prime typing and this does not seem possible.

Apparently, pdwinnall made a mistake in his video, however he corrects it at the end of the clip saying that the Ground typing could probably be for the Rowlett line. If that's what it is, Rowlett will evolve from a Grass/Flying type to a Grass/Ground type. This would also mean that Litten will continue to remain a Fire type right through its evolution. There is no confirmation on this yet.

Do you think Rowlet will become Grass/Ground type with the ability to Levitate? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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