'No Man's Sky': 5 Reasons You Should Buy The Game On Its Launch Day!


In a bid to be a wide-ranging game, "No Man's Sky" is giving players an experience that is best enjoyed on its launch date. Let's look at five reasons why it totally makes sense to get your hands on this PlayStation 4 and PC adventure from day one.

1) Extensive Publicity

Every time a new game's release date is divulged, fans get excited mostly due to the hype that surrounds its unveiling. Things are a bit more than just that with "No Man's Sky." The amount of curiosity that surrounds the game is immense. Nearly three years after its initial unveiling, the anticipation for this game is truly unrivaled. That explains why it has won awards based on cache alone.

The excitement has been intensifying with time, and it is expected to fester as the release date closes in. With all the buzz around, this game is sure to grab attention of the entire industry right from its opening weeks.

Isn't this a good reason to be a part of that experience in June?

2) Opportunity To Explore An Empty Universe

The game is expected to bring a slew of features to the fans, but one feature that probably will surpass them all is the ability to delve into a "limitless" universe encompassing 18 quintillion planet-sized planets. That said, contacting other players in such a mammoth planet will be quite a challenge, however there is a communal mission that give players an opportunity to explore the area. This imply players will need to team up in order to track new planets as well as species and elements in an unexplored territory.

According to the game's developers, there is a possibility that the sun could burn out before the entire universe has been mapped out, nevertheless the thought of the unknown lurking will be most thrilling on day one.

3) Working As A Team And Learning Mechanics

As a player, do not expect the game to spoon feed you as it does very little hand-holding.

All players irrespective of the platform the game is played on are on their own as far as exploring the depths is concerned. That said, several of the game's mechanics and crafting recipes will be only mastered via hit and miss.

If that's the case, it's always more exciting to be a part of that kind of group while the revelations are still happening and when the forums are alive with activities. Soon after release, gamers start sharing an array of tips and recipes with one another with intention to make the best supplies.

This is similar to how few players attempt to master the ambiguity of "Dark Souls" at launch, this game could offer a similar catch, according to reports on Design&Trend.

4) Discovering New Ways To Play

Players are not given a lot of details regarding how this game can actually be enjoyed. Moreover, the game plans have been broken down into extremely fluid character classes. In order to earn currency and supplies, players need to engage in discovery, combat or trade.

The team behind "No Man's Sky" do not know what the game entails in some respects. On its release day, explorers will be able to define community conventions as well as methods for success, so why not be a part of it?

5) Be The First To Reach The Center

As players establish the conventions of this unfathomable universe and make new discovers, there's an encompassing goal of reaching its center. In his previous interviews, programmer Sean Murray hinted that doing so could take a lot of time, about hundreds of hours.

If you're the kind of player who'd want to discover what the center contains before anyone else does, you should start playing on release.

Developed and published by Hello Games, the adventure survival video game is slated to release worldwide on June 21.

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