Woman Left Baby In University Hospital Trash After Giving Birth


In Iowa, a woman has incurred a charge of child safety issues after giving birth to an infant in a bathroom in a hospital, then attempted to flush the infant down the toilet bowl, thinking it might have been dead already. As reported in Iowa City Press Citizen, the woman just left the infant in the trash can after she thought it was dead.

The publication further reported that the University of Iowa police identified the woman as Ashley R. Hautzenrader, a 22-year old  Davenport resident. Police report indicated that Hautzenrader did not know she had a baby in her womb before she got inside the bathroom. After the mom delivered the baby, it crossed her mind the infant was dead already because it was not crying.  Hence, according to the police, Hautzenrader attempted to flush the infant down the toilet.

Jail administrator, Bill Deatsch, announced that Hautzenrader got out of Iowa Department of Corrections under pretrial supervision. Deatsch said that pretrial supervision is kind of like probation.

Deatsch said Hautzenrader needs to follow these guidelines while on probation:

"She has to check in with them and not have any other law infractions. They give (her) a list of what to do and what not to do."

According to, Hautzenrader placed the baby in a pillowcase and just left it in a trash can. The 22-year old was allegedly held in Johnson County jai, however, she was released Tuesday morning.

KTLA reported that Hautzenrader, though, cleaned the bathroom, before she left. However, hospital employees found the infant later alive. State court records indicate that in May 2015 there was a document that showed there was a paternity establishment and support for the infant Hautzenrader gave birth to in the past, as additionally reported in KTLA.

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