University Of Alabama At Birmingham Running Back Greg Bryant Was Killed? Investigators Seek Witnesses!


University of Alabama at Birmingham running back Greg Bryant Jr. is dead after being shot while driving down I-95 in West Palm Beach, Florida Saturday morning.

Bryant along with a passenger named Maurice Grover, 25, was found with gunshot wounds in a car on Interstate 95 on Saturday morning, police said.

While Grover pulled through, the 21-year-old football player was rushed to a hospital and was declared brain dead around 1 p.m. local time Sunday.

In a statement, West Palm Beach Police divulged they had redirected their investigation as a homicide, reports BuzzFeed News.

However, neither suspects have been identified nor a potential motive of the shooting was known.

A former teammate of Bryant noted that "the toughest part about it is that was his dream. We all wanted it for him because he wanted it so badly. I'll never forget the talent that he was. All the NFL players that have come out of Delray, Greg Bryant's name is right there."

Bryant, a high school football star from south Florida, attended Notre Dame following his graduation. He transferred to ASA Miami and then to UAB after a longstanding suspension from Notre Dame citing academically ineligibility.

Bryant was transferred to ASA Miami during his sophomore season, however the Delray Beach, Florida native just played one game there, according to his UAB profile.

Bryant's grandmother Annette Kelly said they were trying to find answers, further noting that "someone is going to have to give us answers because he was just getting ready to go back to college tomorrow."

Bryant had just come home for the weekend to be with his grandmother.

While Bryant's step-Grandfather, Sam Kelly claimed he heard a car following him and rolling up on the side of him before shooting, investigators are still seeking witnesses to the episode, according to reports on Eleven Warriors.

Last year, Bryant was signed by the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He was one of the best players to be recruited to the team after the school had recommenced the football program. At the time they decided to reinstate the program, Bryant was slated to play in the 2017 season with UAB. Instead of making him wait for another year before he was eligible to join another team, Bryant was allowed to enroll in January at UAB.

"Coach Clark, he really did me a favor because I was living in hotels in Miami," Bryant told the Associated Press in February.

"He said I could come in as soon as the semester was over. Any other school, I would have had to wait another semester and probably be enrolled by December. I just bought into what coach Clark was saying, and I got in with a 2.0 [GPA]," the former Miami high school star added.

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