Yellow Fever Chaos Global Emergency On The Rise Over This Disease; Academic Professionals Warn


Yellow fever has had been affecting almost a billion of people in Africa and Latin America. However, as reported by Independent UK, Asia, Europe and the United States could be the next victims of this deadly disease very soon. 

It is of utmost important that the yellow fever epidemic be diminished as soon as possible in Africa, as reported in Independent UK. This necessity comes in the midst of a global health emergency that is existing in various countries all over the world. The problem of emergency crisis comes as the absence of vaccine exists in many parts of the globe.

Specifically, Angola has had its bad yellow epidemic fever since 1986. The country has had over 250 deaths. Moreover, the yellow epidemic fever is also spreading in countries like Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The World Health Organization released a statement reiterating the importance of not letting epidemic diseases go about untreated. WHO said in an official statement that:

"Prior delays by the WHO in convening emergency committees for the Ebola virus, and possibly the on-going Zika epidemic, cost lives and should not be repeated."

Furthermore, WHO stated that:

"Acting proactively to address the evolving yellow fever epidemic is imperative."

In the past months, though, there have been almost 2,000 people that were infected and 258 people have been killed, as reported in The Medical Daily. Specialists have stated the value of World Health Organization to resolve public health emergencies. This necessity comes in lieu of the recent Zika and Ebola epidemic outbreaks.

Zika and dengue viruses are caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. This mosquito seeps through the blood of the victims and poison the them within inside their bodies. In the long run, the blood becomes infected with bacteria, and, hence, the Zika and dengue viruses infect the victims, according to Medical Daily. 

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