University Of Iowa Finds A Renewable Energy Source By Burning Grass [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT Coal is not great for the environment and the university's goal is to eventually eliminate dependence on coal by 2025

Woman Left Baby In University Hospital Trash After Giving Birth

May 11, 2016 AM EDT In Iowa, a woman has incurred a charge of child safety issues after giving birth to an infant in a bathroom in a hospital, then attempted to flush the infant down the toilet bowl, thinking it might ...

Strawberry-Baking Soda Recipe Does Not Make Teeth Sparkling White, Study

Oct 15, 2014 AM EDT University of Iowa researchers have debunked the myth that strawberry-baking soda recipe can help restore the pearly white colour of teeth.

Body of Missing ISU Student Found in Car Truck in Iowa City

Sep 30, 2014 AM EDT The body found in a car in Iowa City last week has been confirmed as the missing Iowa State University.

Iowa Professor to Lead “Million Robot March” To Protest Pink Locker Rooms at Kinnick Stadium

Sep 04, 2014 AM EDT Kembrew McLeod, a 43-year-old communication studies professor at the University of Iowa, will lead the "Million Robot March" on Friday to protest against the visiting team's pink locker room at ...

Fitness Bands Are Not As Accurate As Believed to Be, Study

Jun 21, 2014 AM EDT Activity monitors are not as accurate as it is believed to be, according to an Iowa State University study.

Top 10 Biggest-Spending Wrestling Programs in United States

Jun 19, 2014 AM EDT The University of Iowa tops the list of colleges with biggest-spending wrestling programs, according to a survey by The Iowa Hawkeyes have spent $1,654,772 in 2010.

UI denies HBO's Request to Film ‘Girls’ on Campus

Apr 04, 2014 AM EDT Joe Brennan, University of Iowa's Vice President of Strategic Communication, has rejected HBO cable network's proposal to film an episode of 'Girls', the super hit drama series, on campus.

Iowa Researchers Come Up With a New Formula to Improve Online Dating Success

Dec 07, 2013 AM EST Researchers have created an algorithm for use in online dating sites that recommends potential dating partners based on their past interests and online mating success rates rather than their personal ...

Iowa State Professor Arrested In Prostitution Sting

Nov 11, 2013 AM EST Michael Spurlock, a 57-year-old Iowa State professor has been arrested and charged Wednesday with prostitution in Ankeny, Iowa.

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