Tips On How To Balance Work and Going To College

Jan 19, 2017 AM EST If you are considering balancing college and work, here are some things you need to know to help you manage your time for both academic and professional success.

Getting A PhD and Working: How To Balance Both And Remain Efficient

Jan 18, 2017 AM EST Here are some tips to help you juggle taking up PhD while working.

Too Lazy To Work? Try These Tips to be More Productive Even When you don’t Feel Like Working

Dec 06, 2016 PM EST Here are some tips be more productive even when you don't feel like working.

Feel The Need For Job Hunting While Working? Learn the Tips Here

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT If you want to escape from the toxicity of your current job and want to begin your job hunt while you are still employed, here are some tips for you.

Long Working Hours Increase Diabetes Risk, Study

Sep 26, 2014 AM EDT More than 55 hours of manual work or other low socioeconomic status jobs per week is associated with 30 percent greater risk of developing type-2 diabetes in employees, according to a University ...

New Mexico has Highest Number of Deaths Caused by Excessive Drinking, CDC Report

Jul 01, 2014 AM EDT Nearly one in every 10 deaths among working-age adults in the United States was caused by alcohol abuse, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

SNHU offers two $10,000 Bachelor’s Degrees for Working Adults

May 06, 2014 AM EDT Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America has introduced two $10,000 bachelor’s degrees to its existing list of online offering for working adults and their employers.

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