Tips On How To Balance Work and Going To College


Many students have opted to work while going to college to offset the many expensive costs of higher education. Whether these are part-time or full time jobs, these students have worked their way through earning extra to pay bills and deal with rising tuition fees.

If you are considering this option while getting a degree, you are not alone. Many positive outcomes can come from working during school but there are also certain disadvantages. While it may be stressful to juggle college and work, here are the things you need to know to help you manage your time for academic and professional success.

Working for 20 hours or less can get you a higher GPA

According to US News, a study by the Department of Education suggests that those who work for about 15 to 20 hours or less are reported to have higher GPA than those who do not work at all. Experts explained that working for extended number of hours affect a student's performance.

25% of full time students also work full time

One out of four students are able to manage working while studying, according to Straighter Line. Even if it means a little sacrifice when it comes to family time, vacation time and time with friends, these students are committed to achieve their academic goals and earn a degree while working for a full-time job.

Two thirds of working students are doing it to pay for their college expenses

College fees are one of the main reasons why many students work because they refuse to just rely on loans. They exhaust other options such as applying for scholarships and earning extra cash to offset their education costs. Others also develop their own business by selling something they own, or make which can be very helpful when it comes to learning and developing business skills.

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