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Axon VR Promises Close to Real Life Gaming Action [VIDEO]

Jan 24, 2017 AM EST Axon VR is about to let you feel things you would have never thought possible. Despite being located at your living room, you will be able to hear stomps and screams of elephants like they were right ...

Wireless Virtual Reality Headsets By MIT; Opening VR Applications Beyond Gaming [VIDEO]

Nov 17, 2016 AM EST The only way to stream that much data wirelessly is to use "millimeter waves" or mmWaves, which are higher band in spectrum as compared to WiFi. The only catch is that the signal is easily blocked by ...

Oculus Offers Oculus Rift VR Users A Third Sensor For $79, Shipping In December [Video]

Nov 04, 2016 AM EDT Virtual Reality (VR) maker Oculus made an earlier announcement that the Rift VR System can support additional sensors. The company is now offering additional Oculus Sensors for $79 per unit.

Do You Need To Pay Game Stores To Play Playstation VR for 10/30 Minutes?

Oct 25, 2016 PM EDT A UK retailer requires you to pay money if you want to play the demo trial of Playstation VR Headset. Read the full details.

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