Oculus Offers Oculus Rift VR Users A Third Sensor For $79, Shipping In December [Video]


Virtual Reality (VR) maker Oculus made an earlier announcement that the Rift VR System can support additional sensors. The company is now offering additional Oculus Sensors for $79 per unit.

CEO of Oculus VR, Brendan Iribe, confirmed that the Oculus Rift is capable of room-scale experience. However, to take full advantage of this room-scale VR, it is suggested that the VR headset should be coupled with three Oculus Sensors instead of just one that came with the package.

In a very recent Oculus software update, the Oculus Rift can now accommodate up to four sensors that can track a person while walking around a room. Now with a third sensor, the experience is further enhanced by delivering what Oculus is calling a room-scale VR, Digital Trends reported.

The Oculus Sensor track infrared beacons within the Oculus Rift headset allows the system to track the headset's position in 3D space. This they say is one of the most crucial elements in delivering room-scale VR, according to Ubergizmo.

It is crucial for an enhanced experience to place two Oculus Sensors in front of the user and third sensor at the back. Properly placed sensors in a play area can recreate a virtual space for room-scale experience and accurate user tracking in 3D space.

To engage in this complete room-scale experience, the user needs the Oculus Rift (ships with one sensor), the Oculus Touch which also comes with one sensor, and a third sensor which can now be pre-ordered for $79. The standalone Oculus Sensor comes with a five-meter cable.

The Oculus Touch motion sensors will start shipping Dec. 6 while the standalone Oculus Sensor will ship on Dec. 13-20. Note that you'll need to fork out $200 for the Ocular Touch Controller and another $79 for the third Sensor to expand the environment with your Ocular Rift.

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