Axon VR Promises Close to Real Life Gaming Action [VIDEO]


Axon VR is about to let you feel things you would have never thought possible. Despite being located at your living room, you will be able to hear stomps and screams of elephants like they were right beside you. Even if you are not in the zoo, you will feel like you are in it while you hear gorillas pounding their chest.

According to Tech Crunch, the Avon VR device at the Consumer Electronics Show looked so amazing that it made you feel what is transpiring in virtual technology. It can recreate onscreen action with minor effects. You can place your hand into the box and feel an apple, a little deer and heat among other things. The most amazing part of them all is actually hearing the dear breathe.

A recently released movie, "My Brother's Keeper", made use of Axon VR. It is about two brothers who found out they are on opposing sides in the Civil War. They must then decide which one they will prioritize as they prepare for one all-out battle at Antietam. It is an official entry to the Sundance Festival which means it was up against other high profile movies. It included at least 150 people dressed like they were at the Civil War itself.

Those who chose to watch festival entries had the option to wear headphones in order to experience Axon VR at a place called the VR Palace. A majority of the aforementioned movie was shot in 3D and 360, a difficult task when located in a studio, a tree and a field. The action scenes were shot in slow motion in an amazing 120 frames per second, Deseret News reported.

Check out this video of the Axon VR Exosuit, something that makes you feel and move in virtual reality which is the closest you can get to the real thing:

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