University of Chicago

Google Joins University Of Chicago: Finding Ways To Preempt Medical Events [VIDEO]

May 20, 2017 AM EDT There is a way to prepare for patient treatment in advance. Find out here.

Barack Obama Inspires The Youth at University of Chicago [Video]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT Barack Obama re-emerged to talk about the future of the next generation.

Former President Obama To Appear In Public Stage For The First Time At UChicago Forum

Apr 24, 2017 PM EDT The former president will be speaking to future leaders at a University of Chicago forum.

MIT Researchers Venture Into Chips That Assemble Themselves

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Chips that assemble themselves can lead the way to shrinking chip manufacture even further down to 7nm.

Stanford To Host Lecture On The Big Bang Theory

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST The lecture will be led by University of Chicago professor John Calstrom.

University Of Chicago President Talks About How Trigger Warnings Suppress Free Speech

Feb 22, 2017 AM EST The university's president explained why the school will not have trigger warnings or safe spaces.

Universities Join Court Challenge On President Trump's Immigration Policy

Feb 15, 2017 AM EST Universities have filed a brief to challenge President Trump's immigration ban.

‘Happy Wife, Happy Life?’ University Researchers Say Having a Happy Partner Means a Healthier You

Jan 24, 2017 AM EST New research sheds light on how having a happy partner or spouse positively influences one's overall health.

University Of Chicago Announces New Head For Adult Trauma Center

Jan 14, 2017 AM EST University of Chicago will open its adult trauma center next year.

Hitler And Swastikas Posters Found In University Of Chicago Campus

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST Posters of Adolf Hitler and swastikas were found at two locations on the University of Chicago campus on Monday.

7 Best Law Schools That Can Help You Get a High-Paying Job

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST Getting you degrees from these institutions might just get you a job in the big law firm.

Essay Featuring a Painful Childhood Memory Gave Student Entry to 14 Colleges Including Harvard

Nov 16, 2016 AM EST A Harvard graduate shares how her essay, featuring a painful childhood memory, got her acceptance in 14 different universities.

University of Chicago: Most intellectually Diverse Top University

Nov 03, 2016 PM EDT University ranked first for intellectual diversity as voted by scholars but how could Harvard be the least?

Investing in Education: Why For-Profit Education Often Fails

Oct 20, 2016 AM EDT Education is a good business and knowledge is a valuable commodity but investors and businesses fail often, why?

Americans Ranked 7th in the Empathy Map of the World

Oct 19, 2016 AM EDT A recent survey showed that the United States ranked 7th as the most empathetic country in the world. Meanwhile, war-torn countries surprisingly scored the highest.

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