7 Best Law Schools That Can Help You Get a High-Paying Job


Enrollment in law schools remains high and having a degree can lead you to a path of success and lucrative practice. However, the rising number of graduates has seen an oversaturation of the job market where lawyers and graduates alike are now facing a more competitive recruitment process and some consider having alternative careers.

This led Business Insider to rank the best law schools in the country where graduates get into the law firms of their dreams with 6-figure salaries that can help them pay their student loans and live comfortably.

In ranking the law schools, Business Insider focused on the number of graduates that were able to get top jobs both in big law firms and federal agencies using data from the American Bar Association.

7. Cornell University

A year here coasts $60,000 but the investment is worth it since 90% of Cornell graduates get full-time jobs that require a license. It also takes pride in offering pro bono opportunities.

6. Duke University

Alma mater to Richard Nixon and Charlie Rose, most Duke graduates get into 250-500 employee law firms and is the fifth school with most students getting sought-after legal jobs.

5. New York University

With a Bar passage rate of 96%, this school is known for its international law and tax law programs. NYU also boasts of 10 student-run publications and 87% of graduates here get jobs that require a license.

4. Northwestern University

One of the most competitive law schools with an acceptance rate of 5.2% (2015-2016 school year), 70% of students who enroll here have at least 2 years of full-time work experience. It has a Bar passage rate of 87%.

3. University Chicago

Founded by J.D. Rockefeller, 54% of its alums work in big law firms and 80% of them have highly coveted jobs. The Bar passage rate here is 92%

2. University of Pennsylvania

UPenn has a Bar passage rate of 98% and 75% of its graduates get the best jobs. Two of its distinguished alums are Supreme Court Justice Owen Roberts and Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz.

1. Columbia University

While it may be the most expensive at $62,700 per year, it is also the most diverse and has 77% of its graduates getting jobs in top law firms and federal clerkships. Columbia has a Bar passage rate of 92%.

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