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Barack Obama Inspires The Youth at University of Chicago [Video]


During his speech at the University of Chicago, former president Barack Obama didn't mention Donald Trump even once. However, the stark contrast between the two leaders is very obvious. Obama promised to help the youth get more involved and active in public service and politics.

His appearance in the University of Chicago on Monday was the first time Obama re-emerged to the public life in his post-presidency, The Guardian reported. What he will do in his political afterlife is a big issue to the US citizens, especially his supporters. But during his talk in Chicago, which is his adopted hometown, he finally gave an answer to this question.

He said that he has been thinking of how to still serve the public after leaving the White House on 20, January, as University Herald reported. There are a lot of various issues he is passionate about that he wants to work on. But he said that one thing he would really focus on is to prepare the next generation of leaders to take on the responsibility of changing the world for the better.

Donald Trump's 100th day as President of the United States is on Saturday. And in his first three months in office, the difference between Trump and Obama is very striking, CNN reported. Trump's administration is very dramatic, and the president is much convicted in what he believes is right. He is straight to the point, like a businessman eyeing for a close.

During this stage, public polls show that he is less popular than Obama, but it doesn't necessarily mean one leadership is better than the other. The psychology of the voting mass says that one of the major defining factors why Donald Trump won as the POTUS is because people are usually looking for drastic change after experiencing the leadership of a prior president. One can see the contrasts beginning with the brilliant but scandalous Bill Clinton to steadfast George W. Bush, to a young dynamic political leader Obama, and now with a political newbie and businessman Donald Trump.


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