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Stem Cell Injections Enable Chronic Stroke Patients to Walk, Study Confirms

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT Stem cell injection research done by a team of scientists at Stanford University has revealed its significant benefits for stroke patients in wheelchair.

Rochester Institute of Technology Uses Algae In Water Purifying Process

Jun 04, 2016 AM EDT Rochester Institute of Technology is partnering with Synergy Biogas in a venture that aims to use algae to purify waste water used in agricultural procedures and use the dirt sifted to produce ...

University Of Akron President Resigns after Financial Woes

Jun 01, 2016 AM EDT University of Akron President, Scott L. Scarborough will step down from his position after some financial decisions that become controversies.

University of Cincinnati Student-Athletes Achieve Academic Goals; Break School Records

Jun 01, 2016 AM EDT University of Cincinnati student-athletes have become a great example of how academics and athletics goals can be achieved in balance.

IU Claims Abortion Ban Could Criminalize Scientists and Their Studies on Alzheimer

May 30, 2016 AM EDT IU filed a lawsuit against House Enrolled Act 1337 abortion restrictions with the fear that it could criminalize the university's research on neurological disorders.

These 5 U.S. Cities Have More Entry Level Jobs; Affordable Housing for College Grads 2016

May 27, 2016 AM EDT A recent research using LinkedIn database finds that there are big cities that tend to give college graduates, more job opportunities alongside less-expensive rentals and moderate living cost.

Salary Negotiation: SLU Faculty Part-Timers Address Wage Gap through Vote

May 25, 2016 PM EDT Salary negotiation between SLU faculty and its part-timers for wage gap issue might begin soon.

Academic News on Indigenous People: Aboriginal Students Needed in Law Schools

May 25, 2016 AM EDT Academic news on indigenous people recently highlights aboriginal students that are encouraged to apply to law schools.

Miss Rhode Island 2016: Indian Descent, Brown University Grad Won The Crown for 'Minority Student' Platform

May 24, 2016 AM EDT Miss Rhode Island 2016 crowned Shruti Nagarajan, Brown University student, after she demonstrated Bollywood dance talent and expressed concern on low income and minority students with her "Upward ...

Moody's Aa3 Ratings: Georgia Tech Affirmed as Excellent Brand

May 24, 2016 AM EDT Moody's Investors Service assigned Aa3 rating to Georgia Institute of Technology.

Big-Time College Sports: Study Explains Why Student-Athletes Continue to Fail in Academic Performance

May 20, 2016 AM EDT Big-time college sports have always been a debate. Many studies found achievement gap and suggest the balance of both and schools. A recent study by the University of California at Riverside provides ...

Trump University Lawsuit: State's Highest Court to Decide $40 M Students Compensation

May 19, 2016 AM EDT Trump University lawsuit will face the highest court in New York after earning the rights to argue the fraud lawsuit filed by its students

Random Number Generator: Study Finds New System to Make Lottery, Computer Security Unpredictable

May 19, 2016 AM EDT Random number generator in today's world is predictable. University of Texas researchers find new method to generate high-quality random numbers that aren't easy to predict.

Burlington College Closing: $2 Million Debt Strain, Bernie Sanders' Wife is To Blame?

May 18, 2016 AM EDT Burlington College closing will occur later this month after officially announced its struggle with 'weight of debt'. And news are pointing at the direction of Bernie Sanders' wife, Jane Sanders who ...

American Students Threatened Using Yeti: Leads To Dismissal of Six District Schools [NEWS]

May 16, 2016 AM EDT American students were threatened after a video posted in social media app, Yeti, alerted Ohio University.

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