Salary Negotiation: SLU Faculty Part-Timers Address Wage Gap through Vote


Salary negotiation between SLU faculty and its part-timers for wage gap issue might begin soon.

Saint Louis University's College of Arts and Sciences and College of Education part-timers have voted to unionize due to wage gap. This news is rejoiced by employees at SLU faculty because they could finally make ends meet with less struggles once it is set. Jameson Ramirez, professor and father of two children, who is currently making no more than $30,000 annually, finds the vote is relieving because so far, the incentive for teachers are not high enough to benefit for their life, such as gas, health care expense and other significant needs.

The SLU faculty has three options. Either to accept the vote, negotiate the possibility of union contract or challenge the result that should be filed within seven days. However, an official message hints on the accepted vote as Fred P. Pastello, university president, claimed that the faculty is ready for salary negotiation, Inside Higher Ed has learned. The result should appear after Memorial Day and salary negotiation to bargain for higher wage might begin from there.

The journey to end wage gap and do a salary negotiation follow the path of Washington University who has also reached a deal for higher wage and better job security. Part time and full time employees will also be affected if this deal is sealed in SLU.

St. Louis Post shared detail on adjuncts that often result in low income of these employees who have advanced degrees. On the other hand, full-timers earn more but they do not have a clear future career path since the system is lacking of job security such as job promotions. The idea to group it together is not acceptable by Christy Bagwill. Bagwill, a full-time instructor in chemistry at the SLU, said that she is not in the same battle with those who do not have benefits and retirement plan albeit not against the grouping.

Do you think this salary negotiation will end the wage gap in the faculty?

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