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U.S. Universities

Driver And Trucking Company Indicted In Fatal Crash That Killed Five Georgia Southern University Nursing Students!

Jun 17, 2016 AM EDT Two indictments have been bequeathed in the case against the truck driver involved in the deadly crash that killed five GSU nursing students and the trucking company he works for.

Orlando Shooting News: US Colleges React To The Deadly Assault!

Jun 16, 2016 AM EDT When press reports hinting that two among the 50 victims of the weekend's fatal assault in an Orlando-based gay club were students surfaced online, it immediately sparked discussions in US ...

University of Alabama Student Tested Positive For The Highly-Contagious Zika Virus!

Jun 15, 2016 AM EDT A University of Alabama student who had recently studied abroad has tested positive for the Zika virus, a spokesman for the school confirmed on Monday, June 13.

Western Kentucky University Shows The Door To 25 Indian Students Despite Being Given Admission!

Jun 13, 2016 AM EDT Western Kentucky University has shown the door to at least 25 Indian students, who in their first semester of computer sciences programme have failed to meet the admission standards of the varsity.

US Universities: The Most Loved And Most Hated On Twitter!

Jun 11, 2016 AM EDT Over the past few years, social media has emerged as a powerful tool to express one's feelings, especially those of the students.

International Students Recruitment Agencies Help 1/3 Of Universities To Recruit Foreign Students!

Jun 11, 2016 AM EDT Over the last three years, international student recruitment process in the United States has undergone a major overhaul, with merely one-third of US-based universities now collaborating directly with ...

Universities And Colleges In USA Are Now Offering Test-Optional, Test-Flexible Admissions; Check Out The Reason!

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT A standardized test is not the only method to measure strong applicants, and several colleges and universities in the United States now recognize this.

Foreign Students In US Universities Tend To Cheat More As Compared To Their Domestic Classmate!

Jun 07, 2016 AM EDT Aside from big tuition payments and new outlook, foreign students are bringing something more to college campuses in the United States; cheating.

US College Ranking 2016: Times Higher Education Working On A New College Ranking For U.S.

May 31, 2016 AM EDT New ranking of colleges, slated to be published in September 2016, has been developed with guidance from vital United States sector groups and experts.

Top 25 Business Colleges: Public Colleges That Shot Ahead Of Top Private Schools!

May 31, 2016 AM EDT Those who aspire for a degree in business more often than not face this dilemma: Will taking on some $28,400 in student debt, contribute to higher earning for a lifetime?

Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn Attributes Decrease In Faculty Members' Participation In Shared Governance To Uncontrollable Forces!

May 27, 2016 AM EDT Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn holds forces beyond their scope of control responsible for the attrition of faculty members' participation in shared governance.

Drink Spiking: Urban Myth Or Reality? U.S. University Students' Shocking Confessions Revealed!

May 26, 2016 AM EDT Drink spiking is often considered just a myth - an urban legend invented by people who probably drank too much, but is that really the case?

University Of Texas at Austin Grabs The No. 1 Spot In Top Public University Ranking!

May 13, 2016 AM EDT The University of Texas at Austin has grabbed the first spot in the 2016 Top Public Universities ranking compiled by Niche; after considering factors such as value and overall quality of campus life, ...

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