Western Kentucky University Shows The Door To 25 Indian Students Despite Being Given Admission!


Western Kentucky University has shown the door to at least 25 Indian students, who in their first semester of computer sciences programme have failed to meet the admission standards of the varsity.

At least 25 of the roughly 60 students in the program has been advised to return to India. Alternatively, these students have been suggested to seek admission in other schools, The New York Times reported on Tuesday while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was still on a US visit.

The university, with the help of international recruiters enrolled about 60 students for the program in January this year.

While discussing about the university's decision to ask 25 Indians to leave the university, the chairman of Western Kentucky's computer science programme, James Gary told the Times that nearly 40 of the students failed to meet the requirement of their admissions, despite been offered remedial assistance from the university. This implied that only 35 Indian students could be permitted to continue, while the remaining 25 must leave.

Gary compared allowing the students to persist in the programme to "throwing good money after bad" citing that they failed to write computer programmes, which is not only a crucial part of the syllabus, but also a skill that undergraduates in U.S. school are trained in, NDTV reported.

The students coming out of programme without learning how to write codes would be extremely embarrassing for the department, Gary said while explaining why the university decided not to allow the 25 Indian students to continue.

The students were actually recruited through the means of a recruitment campaign run in India where the recruiters promoted "spot admission" to the university along with tuition discounts. Following the incident, the university Senate has now sanctioned a proposal expressing concern about the aforementioned recruitment campaign, which was the university's effort to boost enrollment and revenue in the wake of profound state budget cuts.

The university has reportedly made some changes in its recruitment efforts in India, which involves sending members of the computer science faculty to India and meet with the students prior to their admission. The chairman of the Indian Student Association at Western Kentucky University, Aditya Sharma, on the other hand has expressed concern for the 25 students who has been advised to leave the university or seek admission in another school.

Sharma pointed out that these students have invested money to come so far, however he also noted that some of the students embraced a laid back approach to their studies and as a result, they could not even meet the GPA, leaving no other option for the university except to ask them to leave.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Modi is on a three-day visit to the United States, where he addresses the U.S. Congress and held bilateral talks with American President Barack Obama.

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