US College Ranking 2016: Times Higher Education Working On A New College Ranking For U.S.

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New ranking of colleges, slated to be published in September 2016, has been developed with guidance from vital United States sector groups and experts.

Times Higher Education has divulged its intend to come out with a new college ranking for US - derived from a preeminent national student engagement survey scheduled to be launched this week.

Times Higher Education's editorial and senior data teams, for a full year consulted with chief US sector experts and bodies in order to develop the US college ranking, scheduled to be published in September 2016. According to US sector experts and bodies, the existing range of college and university rankings in the United States are not fit for purpose.

With emphasis on student outcomes such as employment and completion - in addition to exclusive features scanning the value added by colleges, the upcoming ranking will put student learning at its heart.

The new ranking will significantly draw on a completely new national survey apprehending student engagement, Times Higher Education reported.

Phase two of consultation debuts this week in the United States, at the Association of Institutional Research Forum, New Orleans, and also at Nafsa, the Association of International Educators, Denver.

Times Higher Education's plans will be reviewed in an array of meetings by way of an online poll.

Leading national universities including Princeton and MIT, provide an array of master's and doctoral degrees, award bachelor's as well as majors. Several of these leading colleges and universities bring forth pioneering research in various fields, US News University reported.

Following a major investment in the data team, Times Higher Education believes it is ready to offer new ingenious metrics that will substantially upgrade the information currently available to students who wish to study in the U.S., and also assist U.S. institutions achieve due recognition for the key contribution they make not only to students' learning but also to their lives after graduation, Phil Baty, editor, THE World University Rankings said.

According to Baty, its time to change the existing US ranking system. Often US universities are reviewed on the basis of how selective they are when it comes to admissions, or judged simply on their institutional resources.

Baty noted that THE's goal is to even out the playing field and get a crystal clear view of performance in a broader range of institutions from across the well-heeled and diversified US higher education landscape. The ranking's primary source will be THE Student Survey, which will assemble student views on nearly 1,000 institutions.

The survey will concentrate on grabbing students' engagement with value for money and their learning.

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