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LGBTQ Rights In 2016 For Education And Employment


The LGBTQ community has been advocating changes in systems and processes. Most of them coming from the treatment and equality in the workplace and environment they are in.

The LGBTQ made it to the news several times in 2016. Gay and transgender rights seem to be the topic of each issue in the news and social media. But there are still issues that needed to be addressed.

Today, LGBTQ still face discrimination especially in employment and education, as reported by NBC News. Regardless, there are groups fighting to change the laws and policies in order to protect the LGBTQ.

In the face of violence and discrimination, the LGBTQ community was able to shed light over North Carolina's law restricting bathroom access for transgender people in government buildings and various public schools. In March 2016, North Carolina was the only state to require transgender individuals to use public restrooms that correspond with their gender based on their actual birth identity, instead of their gender identity.

Gender neutral bathrooms are considered to be a benefit to many people but most especially to transgenders, as reported by the University of North Carolina.

In 2016, the use of bathrooms by the LGBTQ has been a recurring issue. Now, after the November elections, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has conceded and many are looking at a change in the bill on public bathrooms.

Many hope that this will promote a better working and studying environment for many transgender individuals in colleges, universities and workplaces. Although various concerns dictate the case of privacy and security, the other side of the coin breathes the insensitivity and discrimination towards the LGBTQ.

The film industry made it a point to shed light on LGBTQ, too. From "The Danish Girl," "Orange is the New Black" to "The Imitation Game." These popular shows and movies detail the challenges gays and transgenders go through and the roles they play. And many hope that these films and shows can influence the acceptance of LGBTQ.

2016 was a good year, but the question remains, what will 2017 hold for the LGBTQ?

Watch the video below as a Transgender woman explains why gender neutral bathrooms are vital to the trans rights movement:

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