The Light Between Oceans

'The Light Between Oceans’ Alicia Vikander Wanted To Go Into Law Before She Became Famous

Sep 05, 2016 AM EDT Actress Alicia Vikander once planned on going to law school before her acting career took off.

'The Light Between Oceans’ Michael Fassbender Was Turned Down By Drama Schools Before He Became Famous

Sep 05, 2016 AM EDT While other actors are getting their education at drama and theater schools, Michael Fassbender

'Light Between Oceans' Trailer: A Love Story Worthy Of An Oscar [VIDEO]

Aug 29, 2016 PM EDT A love story based on a best-selling novel was adapted into amovie starring Michael Fassbender and his real-life partner, Alicia Vikander. This nw film could help the couple win an Oscar's award in ...

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