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The Calculation For Pro Creation: Mathematics Reveal How Sperm Swim

Mar 23, 2017 PM EDT Researchers at the Universities of York, Birmingham, Oxford and Kyoto University, Japan developed a mathematical formula that determines the success of a sperm cell to swim towards its goal of ...

This Is Why Wearing Underwear In Bed Can Be Bad For Your Genitals [WATCH]

Apr 20, 2016 AM EDT A new study shows that wearing underwear in bed can be bad for the genitals, especially for men.

Researchers Develop New Method to Treat Male Infertility

Aug 12, 2014 PM EDT Queen's University researchers have developed a new method to treat male infertility - where a patient's sperm is unable to initiate the activation of egg to form an early embryo.

Australian Researchers Discover World’s Oldest Fossilised Giant Sperm

May 15, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the University of New South Wales discovered world's oldest fossilised giant sperm in a tiny shrimp that lived 17 million years ago.

Utah Apologises For Sperm Swap; Investigators Unsure If It Was A Deliberate Action

Apr 25, 2014 AM EDT University of Utah (U.) has apologised to a Texas family for a possible sperm donor mix up.

Carrots Can Make Sperm Swim Faster, Study

Nov 02, 2013 AM EDT Apart from enhancing vision naturally, carrots boost male fertility, according to a new study by Harvard University School of Public Health.

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