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Tenured Posts Ban in Some States to Take Effect Next Year

Feb 28, 2017 AM EST Some states will stop granting tenured positions to professors in public universities. They think that such a policy is just a waste of government money.

Public Universities Brace For More Budget Cuts as State Revenues Continue to Decline

Feb 12, 2017 PM EST Public universities experienced budget cuts in the past year and this year. If this continues, thousands of students will be denied access to world-class education.

Overseas Public Universities That Offer More Affordable Education Than The U.S.

Aug 19, 2016 AM EDT Earning a degree overseas is another way to save on the cost of higher education.

Florida’s University System is a Cornerstone of the American Dream

Jun 25, 2016 AM EDT The public universities of Florida are considered as an exceptional place, as they offer opportunities for the young American people and considered as a cornerstone of the American dream.

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