New York University's 'The Human Project': Invites 10K Volunteers To Share ALL Their Data [VIDEO]

Jun 20, 2017 AM EDT NYU is creating a long-term research that wants 10,000 volunteers to share all their data for a period of 20 years.

Celebrities Reveal Why It Is Important For Them To Finish School & Graduate [VIDEO]

May 21, 2017 AM EDT THese stars deserve a standing ovation.

NYU Professor Talks About 'Love Actually' Course

Mar 24, 2017 AM EDT Psychiatrist Dr. Megan Poe developed the "Love Actually" course.

NYU & NYCDOE: Helping Students With Autism Through High School, College and Beyond [Video]

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST NYU Steinhardt is part of the ASD Nest Support Network that helps both educators and students with autism.

From Broke College Grad to Billionaire: How Fredrik Eklund Built His Empire

Dec 02, 2016 AM EST The realtor to the stars share the success beyond his million dollar listings and making it big in real estate.

Kaufman Astoria Studios Extends Its Sound Stages To NYU Students Free Of Charge [VIDEO]

Jul 16, 2016 AM EDT Kaufman Astoria Studios offers free access to their sound stages to select film and television students of New York University.

NYU Wagner Study Reveals The Real Reason Behind The Fast-Rising Expenditures In Health Care System!

Jul 08, 2016 PM EDT A recently-conducted study from New York University researchers throws light on the up surging cost in the $2.8 trillion U.S. health care system, hinting where the money goes.

NYU Researchers Back New York City’s Move To Serve Breakfast In The Classroom; Find Out Why!

Jul 08, 2016 PM EDT A research conducted by New York University's Institute for Education and Social Policy along with the Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public ...

Researchers At NYU Meyers And SUNY Buffalo Conducts A Study That Estimates And Prevents Turnover Of Newly Licensed Nurses!

Jul 07, 2016 AM EDT Registered nurses job turnover has been a nagging issue in the United States engendering considerable financial costs to not only the organizations but also to the society.

NYU Steinhardt Collaborates With StartEd To Launch NY Edtech Accelerator and Incubator!

Jul 07, 2016 AM EDT StartEd Companies, Inc., a public-benefit corporation and NYU Steinhardt will be working together in a bid to fortify the education innovation ecosystem and offer programming in the fields of ...

New York University Collaborates With The White House To Host A Major Symposium On AI

Jul 06, 2016 AM EDT New York University's Information Law Institute in collaboration with the White House is slated to host an extensive public symposium on Thursday, July 7 in a bid to ...

New York University Meyers' Dr. Yzette Lanier Receives A Whopping $1.2 Million Grant From CDC To Conduct HIV Behavioral Intervention!

Jul 06, 2016 AM EDT Looks like Dr. Yzette Lanier who serves as an Assistant Professor at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing is on a roll as she was recently awarded a four-year, $1,200,000 grant from the Centers for ...

New York University Department Of Biology Professor Leads A Study That Reveal Global, Evolving And Historic Make-Up Of Malaria Species!

Jul 05, 2016 AM EDT A group of scientists recently discovered the global, developing and remarkable make-up of Plasmodium vivax, one among the five species of malaria that infect humans.

New York University Puts A Lid On Drug Study For Post-Traumatic Stress Citing Falsified Records!

Jul 04, 2016 AM EDT New York University's medical school has put the lid on psychiatric studies encompassing an empirical mind-altering drug citing protocol violations, officials said.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton Received A Message Threatening An Orlando-Style Attack On American Universities!

Jun 18, 2016 AM EDT After an interval of few minutes, another gay bay, Boxers NYC located on West 20th Street in Chelsea received a couple of similar phone calls. Homosexuals have recently received a lot of hatred.

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