New York University's 'The Human Project': Invites 10K Volunteers To Share ALL Their Data [VIDEO]


New York University is conducting what they call "The Human Project" which they claim will help humanity. To make this project a reality, they are inviting 10,000 people to become volunteers and share ALL their data for 20 years.

Yes, that is correct. The project will span 20 years and requires participants to share all information about themselves. When it says all, researchers involved in the project means ALL. These include blood samples, health history, card swipes, and life-changing events.

That means participants will not have any privacy for 20 years because the researchers will monitor and track all their activities within that span of time. It's like a Big Brother sort of thing but full scale and long-term.

How will "The Human Project" benefit humanity?

Dr. Paul Glimcher, the director of the project and a neural science, economics and psychology professor at New York University, says that it will bring great insight to various aspects of human life including health, aging, and education.

The $15-million a year project also aims to foster individualized treatment for people utilizing Big Data.

Participants will undergo different kinds of tests ranging from IQ to genetic tests. Aside from this, participants will be asked to wear trackers to monitor the places they go to and the activities they are involved in. They will also be given special scales and answer surveys via their smartphones.

The researchers will also have access to the participants' health and education records as well as all the cellphone data they have - who they call and the location they are calling to and from.

The participants will also be asked to submit urine and fecal samples every three years.

In return, participants will receive a $500 remuneration per family. They also have deciding powers where to channel some charitable money to community projects of their choice.

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