Tech Giants Are Luring Away Universities' AI Leaders, May Cause Next Gen's Brain Drain

Nov 26, 2016 PM EST Tech giants like Google, Baidu and Facebook are luring away top researchers for computer science at universities to work for them.

College Degrees and Majors that Promise Quick Salary Growth in Ten Years

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST A new report shows the college degrees and majors that have the fastest salary progression in ten years' time.

The Shocking Truth About Math: It Is Omnipresent Except In One Place

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST It is true that math is in every fiber of the society. However, there is one important place where it is missing. Find out where it is.

STEM Students Go Abroad For Field Experience

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are getting further beyond borders as students go out of the country.

‘Big Bang Theory’ And ‘Hallmark’ Actress Has Mathematics Degree In UCLA And Honored In Journal Of Phsyics

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST “Wonder Years” actress has an advice for young girls when it comes to mathematics.

Math Is Pleasurable And Life Affirming, Here's the Proof Why

Nov 15, 2016 AM EST Math was originally designed to be fun and stimulate the mind. Even the greatest discoveries in Math were born out of fun math and logic puzzles.

STEM Career Advice: Soft Skills You Need For Your Job

Nov 05, 2016 AM EDT There are three soft skills you need in order to succeed in your STEM job.

STEM Milestone: Strategic Patterns In STEM Prepare Students For Olympic Success? [WATCH!]

Oct 15, 2016 PM EDT Watch how STEM education prepares students for an Olympic win.

Math Students from High Performing Countries Memorize Less

Oct 15, 2016 AM EDT A recent analysis revealed that students in countries that are high-performing in mathematics use memorization and rote than those who belong to countries who perfrom less in math

Ada Lovelace Remains an Inspiration in Pursuing Diversity in STEM

Oct 14, 2016 AM EDT Ada Lovelace continues to inspire women to pursue careers in STEM and defy the challenges that come with it. so far, only a small percentage of women are involved in STEM-related careers.

Highest-Paying College Majors

Oct 06, 2016 PM EDT The top highest paying jobs are STEM-related courses while the lowest belong to humanities and education. Engineers in various industries dominate the list.

Dan Brown’s Books Doesn’t Tell You He Was A Math Teacher

Aug 30, 2016 AM EDT Reading Dan Brown’s books doesn’t show that he was both an English and Mathematics teacher.

Youngest Stetson University Freshman Is 14 Years Old

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT Danielle Carson is a teen genius, at 14 years old she is the youngest freshman in Stetson.

Amarillo College Bestows Foremost Faculty Honor On Mathematics Instructor Penelope Davies!

May 25, 2016 AM EDT Although Penelope Davies received Amarillo College's highest faculty award, she is not garnering the glory, but is instead giving all the credit to "kind people" who have helped her and shared their ...

Stanford Professor Becomes First Women to Win Fields Medal

Aug 14, 2014 AM EDT Maryam Mirzakhani, a mathematics professor at the Stanford, is the first woman ever to win the Fields Medal for her contributions to the understanding of the symmetry of curved surfaces.

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