Amarillo College Bestows Foremost Faculty Honor On Mathematics Instructor Penelope Davies!


Although,  Penelope Davies received Amarillo College's highest faculty award, she is not garnering the glory, but is instead giving all the credit to "kind people" who have helped her and shared their knowledge with her.

Penelope Davies, a math instructor who received the 2016 John F. Mead Faculty Excellence Award was actively involved in overhauling algebra, trigonometry and redesigning calculus courses to boost student engagement and build them up for more advanced coursework, according to a post on Amarillo College's official website.

Working six days a week, Davies puts in extra time to lend a helping hand to her students. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to teach zealous students, many of whom work hard to strike a balance between their coursework and jobs or family commitments. Davies also noted that she considers herself fortunate to be able to work along with distinguished and outstanding instructors who not only motivated her but also gave her a sense of camaraderie, Amarillo Globe News reported.

Davies teaching career started in 1972, in earnest where she served as an instructor in physics and chemistry at Central Texas College. Davies and her husband moved to Amarillo in 1976. She worked as an executive director of Center City of Amarillo and also served as president of the Junior League of Amarillo.

Aside from teaching in Sunday School, Davies chips in her time with various college committee including the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and AC's Faculty Senate.

She gained recognition as an expert on board governance, bylaws, and parliamentary procedure to such a great degree that she traveled from San Francisco to Bangor, and Maine to train Junior Leagues across the land.

Davies estimates she has educated at least 5,000 students to this day, but if that doesn't impress you, the mathematician has even used the tune "Pop Goes the Weasel" to divulge the Quadratic Formula. She intends to continue enhancing her skills in the upcoming semesters and looks forward to gauging her accomplishment as an instructor.

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