iPhone 8 2017

iPhone 8 Camera Rumors: Apple Explores Using LG’s 3D Dual-Lens Camera Hardware; AR, VR Features To Follow? [Video]

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST Earlier reports revealed the iPhone 8 camera will offer the same basic set-up as the iPhone 7 devices. ...

Apple Rumor: iPhone 8 to be Nothing Like The Rest; New Reports Suggest Foldable Phone, OLED and More! [VIDEO]

Nov 03, 2016 AM EDT It is never too early to talk about the iPhone 8 as more leaks and reports suggest a revolutionary phone design that is nothing like the rest.

iPhone 8 Update, Release Date, Specs: Glass iPhone 8 Details Leak; A Massive Change In iPhone Exterior? [RUMORS]

Jul 11, 2016 PM EDT A report explained why Apple did not make any changes in the exterior of iPhone 7 pointing to the possibility that the massive iPhone aesthetic overhaul is presumed to arrive for iPhone 8 during the ...

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