Apple Rumor: iPhone 8 to be Nothing Like The Rest; New Reports Suggest Foldable Phone, OLED and More! [VIDEO]


It is never too early to talk about the iPhone 8 as more leaks and reports suggest a revolutionary phone design that is nothing like the rest.

Apple rumor: iPhone 8 to be foldable?

Apple recently filed a patent of a foldable smartphone, which is not new in smartphone world as Samsung has reportedly been working on the similar feature. However, this could be a breakthrough for the Cupertino-based tech giant if rumors come to fruition.

The Value Walk has learned that the technology described in the patent is called conductive carbon nanotubes. It enables a phone to bend yet still incorporates into the other components. With that said, the filed patent feature would be a major overhaul in iPhone devices.

It is said that this patent is only a hint of what's to come in the next iPhone, as Apple, as well as Samsung, have been filing dozens of patents wherein some of them do not even see the light of day.

Apple rumor: iPhone 8 bezel-less display

Xiaomi Mi Mix has taken the tech world by storm. It is the most-talked smartphone of the year not only because of its beast technical specifications, but the idea of taking bezel-less iPhone 8 concept to fruition.

Although it is reported that Apple will equip the iPhone 7 successor with OLED panel, the upcoming iPhone 8 is highly unlikely to be something like Mi Mix judging from Apple's ahead of advancement in almost everything. Moreover, Xiaomi claims that Mi Mix is only a concept phone - which means it will not be sold widely. And as of this moment, many reports said that Mi Mix is disappointing and no better than iPhone or Google Pixel. Find out why.

Apple rumor: iPhone 8 to feature wireless-charging

The all-screen iPhone 8 is rumored to feature wireless-charging. It is probably part of the major changes happening in 2017 in accordance with iPhone 10th anniversary, CNET reported.


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