A Straw That Obtains Water from Soil and a Thermal Energy-Generating Water Purifier Among the Winning Entries In Smithsonian-Cricket Media's Invent It Challenge

May 24, 2018 AM EDT More than 490 Students, through individual and team entries, submitted innovative solutions to natural disaster preparation and relief issues; other winning entries from around the world included a ...

Streamwood High STEM Students Shows Off Incredible Wind-Powered Generator Invention

Mar 07, 2017 AM EST A group of students from Streamwood High has created a winning STEM invention in the form of a wind-powered generator that is capable of providing power to a safety light.

Being Bored Means You’re Creative, According Psychology Study

Jan 27, 2017 AM EST “I’m bored out of my mind” but that just means you are creative, says one university study.

Stanford University Researchers Create Cheap Blood Centrifuge

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Researchers from Stanford University were able to make a low-cost, human-powered centrifuge.

Innovation: Best Inventions Of 2016 - Part 4

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST Several of the things invented this year were developed to improve the health of people.

Innovation: Best Inventions Of 2016 - Part 3

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST There have been a lot of nifty inventions created this year.

Innovation: Best Inventions Of 2016 - Part 2

Dec 28, 2016 AM EST A lot of inventions have been created this year that made the world a little bit better and brighter.

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